(Based on the forthcoming autobiography of the maverick they called "The American")

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I like being able to walk my dogs and having neighbors know me as that "nice guy" who lives down the street instead of that 'Spy Guy' down the street".

Peter N. James -- Peter of USA -- The American -- Rocket Engineer, Author, Speaker, Muckraker, Whistleblower...

Thinking Outside the Box -- Again

The internet did not publicly exist when I was first approached by the CIA, nor during most of the Cold War. The possibility of doing something in the field of espionage, national security, and government oversight that has not been done before exists TODAY thanks to the Internet. My challenge to Today's Generation:

There is no reason why we can't do a much BETTER  job in both protecting our country's national security interests against terrorists and other adversaries, while simultaneously protecting BETTER every American's individual rights and civil liberties. Low expectations produce unsatisfactory results. Doing a better job in one area does not mean that the other area must suffer. The roots of the problem can be traced to CORRUPT, SELF-SERVING, or INCOMPETENT people who are using government for their own purposes.  The key is to attract TOP OF THE LINE COMPETENT people to work at ALL levels of government. This can be achieved by creating a legitimate oversight system in place that is so tough that unscrupulous and incompetent government officials and contractors will head for the exits. They have no reason to head for the exits in today's environment, especially when "politics and government" are such profitable "professions".

I've returned to the USA and am now going through personal records, photos, reports, etc.  I'm also going to be contacting officials in the U.S. government in all branches to begin putting together the necessary pieces to launch this initiative. By posting below a limited amount of raw work in progress, I hope to get feedback, especially from the people who sponsored or attended my speaking programs in the past. I'm already getting feedback from people that have known me in the past. Their input is helpful because it is important to capture perspectives and feelings we all had at that time -- in many cases totally different from "today's America".

I'll be making comments below and at the bottom of this page as the manuscript progresses. A lot of people have passed away since the "Old Days" and like the late John D. MacArthur that I mention below, he wanted me to tell the truth (about him), but to wait until he died. Those are promises that I have kept. I've enjoyed my privacy for the last two decades, so much so, that I am giving serious consideration to either not participating in a book promotion tour or perhaps having it published posthumously. There is a lot to being able to walk my dogs and having neighbors greet me as that "nice guy" who lives down the street instead of that "Spy Guy" down the street.

Additionally, with the Internet alive and well, I'd like to do something "outside the box" that clearly depicts the enormous possibilities and potential that exist in the United States today -- not the "cookie-cutter loser-what's in it for me" mentality that is being forced on Americans by some of the most self-serving, uncreative, dishonest politicians and bureaucrats who for years have made a comfortable living for themselves, their families, friends, and supporters by exploiting others. The last thing that these exploiters of Americans need is to wake up one day and learn that "politics and government" are no longer "low risk" profitable professions.


The mosaic below -- RAW -- Conceptual -- Aimed at soliciting feedback from people that I know and others for possible use in the manuscript


Press Coverage dated 1 Nov 1984, Tribune Review, covering appearance at the Boyce Campus of the Allegheny Community  

My first professional presentation occurred at the Hillsdale College Center for Constructive Alternatives (CCA) in 1974. President George Roche III had the presentation, "A Systems Analysis of Detente", printed in "Imprimis" and sent to every congressperson in the House and Senate.

Having burned all bridges with corporate America, this was the beginning of a successful professional speaking career that gave me the decades-long independence that I needed.

During subsequent speaking tours, I would travel more than a hundred thousand miles per year, conducting research in the U.S. and abroad aimed at responsibly informing audiences far beyond what our and other governments were willing to disclose.






Thinking Outside the Box -- Again




The news item above goes back three decades, but it could have been written today. Unfortunately, recent disclosures indicate that the problem is far worse today. "The Embryo of an American Police State" that I described back then does not compare with the scope in the invasion of privacies by the NSA today. Americans have only themselves to blame for the current situation, but it can be easily reversed without endangering our national security.











Personal Comment: Don't know what this reporter is doing now, but I found it interesting that his coverage of a speaking engagement in a small town in the USA was pretty accurate compared to most reporters. He even mentioned  an organization that I almost established formally, but it never  got off the ground "officially" simply because I found that it was far easier to report my findings on the lecture circuit nationally rather than get tied down in one location where I would also lose my privacy between speaking engagements.





The "Smoking Gun"  Written by an Air Force Officer

An Attempt to Intimidate a Government Contractor by the Air Force

The last thing that the Foreign Technology Division needed was to have a memo like that above from an Air Force officer to Pratt & Whitney Aircraft headquarters in Connecticut included in the material turned over to Senator William Proxmire. When an aerospace company has multibillion dollar contracts with the United States government and its general manager in Florida is on record as having stated, "I will personally walk out the door anyone that does anything to upset the Air Force," it was easy to understand why the officer believed he could get the company headquarters in Connecticut to replace its representative who for more than a year was challenging the intelligence work, documentation, and even the competence of the Foreign Technology Division, including the officer who sent the memo.

 When an Air Force officer believes that he can intimidate an aerospace corporation dependent on government contracts, he is not afraid to put in writing the following official statement: "Interestingly, this is occurring as the excellent relations with their competitors improve."

As reported in the Washington Post and the wire services, Senator Proxmire called for the abolition of the Foreign Technology Division and Secretary of Defense James R. Schlesinger curtailed its activities.

There are similarities between the conduct of this officer with a private government contractor to today's government officials and their dealings with private contractors. When effective oversight is lacking, America suffers no matter which generation is in charge.

 There can be no excuse why "Today's America" tolerates the intimidation of "other" Americans by government officials and their supporters. Being afraid of corrupt and unscrupulous government officials and not knowing how to legally deal with them or provide effective oversight of their very questionable or illegal activities is not the America that I grew up in.

A Whistleblower's Responsibility

Before going public or contacting other branches of the U.S. government, every whistleblower must decide whether the objective can be met responsibly by dealing with the matter "in-house".

I attempted to do this using a methodical well documented approach, clearly letting Pratt & Whitney Aircraft management and corporate security, the Air Force Foreign Technology Division, and the CIA know that U.S. national security and economic interests were being jeopardized by questionable, unethical, and most likely illegal activities by U.S. government personnel. As an up front rocket engineer, I made it clear that I was writing a book. However, subsequent events forced my hand and I had no choice but to go public as all "in house" options were no longer available.

By late 1971, I was (a) threatened by a U.S. government agent who mentioned my forthcoming book and said that he had friends in the Mafia who could arrange an automobile accident, (b) followed and chased in Europe, (c) fired by Pratt & Whitney, and (d) advised via a personal visit to my home by a CIA agent on behalf of Director Richard Helms, confirming what I already knew, that it was NOT the CIA that threatened my life in Brussels, Belgium.

The threats continued until I went public and contacted the press, wrote my own story in a five part copyrighted series, filed a losing civil suit with the objective of anchoring down sworn testimonies, wrote the book, "The Air Force Mafia", and launched a successful national speaking career for several decades before seeping back into the "woodwork' to enjoy raising a family without that "Spy Thing" hanging over our heads.







When it was not popular to do so (well before "911"), Peter warned that terrorists would strike inside an unprepared United States and the White House's policy of cozying up to President Assad of Syria would backfire.



Well before the collapse of the Soviet Union, which caught the U. S. Government by surprise, Peter's audiences were advised during both terms of the Reagan presidency that the Soviet Union could be brought to its knees, not by nuclear weapons and missiles, but by an economically superior United States.


He showed audiences that the Soviet Union was about to destroy itself economically and it was not necessary for the United States to follow suit (our own economic destruction) by continuing a senseless and wasteful arms race when both sides already had enough weapons to destroy the entire world. This was a "no-brainer" never understood by some members of the U.S. intelligence community and our military-industrial complex.




With "Commander Zero" (Comandante Eden Pastora) of the Nicaraguan Revolution when he terminated his "Southern Front" counter-revolution and military rebel campaign opposing Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega. Pastora accepted instead President Oscar Arias' offer to live in Costa Rica as a prelude to the Arias Central American Peace Plan. Pastora agreed that he and his revolutionaries would stop using Costa Rica as a base for launching attacks against Nicaragua.


With Comadante Eden Pastora (Commander Zero of the Nicaraguan Revolution) in Costa Rica following the release of the U.S. congressional report investigating the Iran-Contra Affair (arms for hostages deal) under the Reagan Administration.

Congress turned down Pastora's request to testify during the Iran-Contra Hearings, a message communicated to Peter during Lt. Col Oliver North's testimony. Peter hand-delivered the full report to Pastora along with evidence that "the Commandante" was willing to cooperate with the U.S. investigation, but his offer was turned down.

Pastora would later unsuccessfully run for president of Nicaragua, but had little support and was easily defeated by Daniel Ortega.

For "historical buffs", Pastora was head of the revolutionary rebels that stormed the Nicaraguan National Palace of then American-backed dictator Anastasio Somoza. By holding members of the Nicaraguan Congress hostage, Pastora successfully obtained the release of imprisoned anti-Somoza rebels. This was a major event that helped Pastora and the Sandanistas launch the Nicaraguan Revolution that eventually toppled Somoza. Pastora would later turn against Daniel Ortega and launch a counter-revolution using Costa Rica as his base of operations while the United States supported other Contras along Nicaragua's northern border.





I started working on the book in a gated community in Costa Rica in what can best be described as an ecological paradise that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. My condominium neighbors during the "Bush II and Obama presidencies" included absentee owners from America, France, Italy, Belgium, Costa Rica, Great Britain, Syria, Iran, Israel, Africa, the Netherlands, Russia, Argentina, and Nicaragua ... essentially a "mini United Nations of owners". There were times when our condominium unit was the only one out of 36 units that was occupied in the three buildings. Our unit was located less than twenty meters from the condo's 24/7  security station. We never had a break-in.

The salt waterfront powerboat canal behind our former home in Punta Gorda Isles, Florida.  This community was originally developed by former CIA personnel. Even the agent who worked for the builder of our home was a retired CIA agent. It turned out that PGI was the perfect community to "blend into the woodwork" so that we could raise a family without having that "Spy thing" hanging over our heads. Hurricane Charlie devastated PGI on August 13, 2004. The Lord spared our home.




Juan Manuel Fangio

Autographed photo of World Champion Grand Prix driver JUAN MANUEL FANGIO of Argentina. Sent to me in 1957-1958 from the Maserati factory in Modena, Italy.

As a senior at the Jamestown High School, I wrote a composition for Miss Dickson's English class on Grand Prix driving champions. The autographed photo of Fangio arrived after my composition was submitted, but I have cherished it for for more than half a century. My brothers Herb and Norm were sports car and grand prix racing fans. Whenever there were sports car racing events nearby, they always included me, whether it was in Dunkirk or Watkins Glen, New York or in Cleveland at lakeside.

With the breakup of so many families these days, along with countless high technology internet and phone distractions, I feel sad for today's younger siblings and orphans. For many, the world that I grew up in, which included stable families with a mother and father, seems to have disintegrated. We always took it for granted when eating at our playmates' homes that their "mommies and daddies" loved each other and their children. Ours was a world where Little League, the YMCA, Boys Club, and church groups always existed, and we didn't need many rides from parents because walking about town to a baseball field or taking a bus was normal and safe.

Of course, our neighborhood was an exception. All of our parents, having immigrated to the United States, were older than the parents of our friends. They therefore did not serve in World War II and did not leave behind any widows, orphans, or broken homes when the wars ended. That too changed America.


Little League -- As American as Apple Pie

Businessman CHARLES GLOVER was mainly responsible for bringing the Little League to Jamestown.

Lou Brown, Our First Manager

Elks Manager LOU BROWN always encouraged us no matter how far behind we were in the game. We knew that as long as we did our best, we could hold our heads high, even if we lost. He would frequent my father's tailor shop in the hotel well after managing the Elks team. My father greatly appreciated the fact that he communicated strong values and sportsmanship to every kid on his Elks team.

Thanks to my brother Norm, who made me practice fielding ground balls on the red brick street in front of our house on Seventh Street, I made the Little League All Star team both years. Our team eliminated three other All Star teams in the Dunkirk, New York playoff series. We hoped to eventually get to play in the Little League World Series in Williamsport, but when we got to Syracuse, we were blown away by a better and bigger Little League All Star team from Corning, New York. The lesson that I learned was that big good players can beat small good players.

Shown below is the first photo of the Elks team that was managed by LOU BROWN. I'm third from the right in the front row. My mother always made sure that my uniform was washed and perfectly ironed before each game. As kids, we took it for granted, but we gave little thought to the fact that each team's sponsor -- service clubs like the Elks, American Legion, Eagles, and the Moose -- paid for our uniforms and help support the Little League.

Elks Little League first team photo

Paul Pearson, the Elks Second Manager

Elks Manager Paul Pearson took over the team in my second and last eligible year in Little League. Talk about having adults mentor kids, besides managing the Elks, Paul even took me fishing one Saturday morning at Bemus Point on Lake Chautauqua, an event that I cherish to this day. On several occasions, he picked me up before a game and drove to nearby Celeron to pick up his date, a beautiful woman with ravishing blond hair who looked as if she belonged in Hollywood. Speaking of Hollywood, Lucille Ball ("I Love Lucy") was from Celeron (Jamestown). As a sophomore in high school, I remember knocking on doors trying to sell newspaper subscriptions, and Paul Pearson answered the door. I'm sure he bought a subscription from me though he didn't need it.


The Leaping Catch on West Seventh Street

Norm took this photo. In the background is the Albanian "Ford" house and next to the telephone pole is the large rock that the kids in our neighborhood -- all first generation Americans -- would use as our "congregation center" at dusk to discuss important issues like Randolph Scott's latest western movie. Our meetings would end abruptly upon hearing an ear-piercing whistle by the authoritarian Louie "keep smiling" Tsitso, the Greek immigrant down the street who raised four kids to respectfully obey the law, appreciate that America was the "Land of Opportunity", and get home immediately for dinner or they would have to deal with him personally.

With my oldest brother Herb and my father Basil on the shore of Lake Erie in the fishing village of Barcelona, just a few minutes drive from Uncle George's restaurant in Westfield, NY.

 Because of the preponderance of flat stones, we made it a ritual before heading back to the restaurant to see who could throw the stone that would have the most skips on top of the water before sinking. Herb and Norm usually won that contest.



Herb, who was a commercial artist working for Alan Arts Associates in Cleveland at the time, had me pose for a photo that he would recreate in art form for use in an upcoming Christmas advertisement.

In the background is the living room radiator that we would sit on to keep warm during cold winters. It turned out that heating a home by filling a radiator in each room with water that was heated by burning coal in the basement furnace was pretty inefficient, but not bad for a home built at the turn of the century. My father replaced the coal-burning furnace with gas and eventually set up a system of air ducts to heat the house, but he left all of the radiators in place. Growing up in that house on Seventh Street evokes many memories today, one being the deafening sound and smell of the truck when delivering coal to the storage bin next to the furnace.




Basil James "Shooting a Bear"

The most adventurous weekends without a doubt were when my parents would visit Spiro Semo's farm just outside of Meadville, PA. Spiro was my mother's uncle and shortly after she arrived on Ellis Island, my mother stayed with the Semo family until she married.

We would visit the Semo farm during summer weekends, which was perfect for a small town  kid who liked cows, goats, sheep, ducks, dogs, cats, fishing in the natural stream below, and walking through the nearby woods looking for vines -- just like the ones that Tarzan used to swing from tree to tree. Unfortunately, I never found any "Tarzan swings".

Spiro's sons, Peter and Paul, were Pennsylvania deer hunters. They taught me how to shoot a rifle when I was eight years old. The above photo of my father about to shoot something in the brush was taken by my brother Norm, who by 1951 was pretty good with a camera, photography, pen and paper. He also had the ability to superimpose photo images on other photos, something that my mother's elderly non-English speaking immigrant friends never understood when shown the photo of my father "shooting the bear".


Point Gratia, NY overlooking Lake Erie.

On some Sundays my parents would drive 40 minutes from our house to Point Gratia, where we would picnic with our friends. Swimming in the lake, playing tennis and simply exploring the coves along the shoreline occupied most of our fun-filled days during summer. It would all end on Labor Day Weekend each September when school began.


Rolando and Louise




With Tippy and Duke on the beach of John D. MacArthur's Colonnades Beach Hotel in Palm Beach Shores, Florida. My apartment was about a hundred yards from MacArthur's hotel (in background) and opposite what many surfers considered to be the best beach on the Atlantic Ocean in Florida.

I never dreamed that this maverick multibillionaire would hire a "fired whistleblower" and allow me to use his hotel facilities to work on "The Air Force Mafia". He made me the hotel's "food and beverage" manager and gave me the opportunity to sit and talk with him in his "office" on a daily basis. He would call his friend Howard Hughes (both were pilots) and the President of the United States (Nixon) who during the "Watergate" period returned one of his calls within 15 minutes.

John D. MacArthur gave me this advice, which I quoted in the book's opening page: "Don't shoot from the hip ... line up the ducks first." And, speaking of ducks, you could always find "Mr. Mac" feeding his ducks outside the hotel close to his "office", a square table in the coffee shop next to the main dining room of the Colonnades Beach Hotel.

I have a number of sections in the autobiography on John D. MacArthur who told me to tell the truth, but don't say anything until he died. I have kept that promise.




Bishop Mark Lipa of Boston

George Miller 1958



George Miller -- the Early Years

Exiled King Leka with Queen Susan and Queen Mother Geraldine of the Albanian Royal Family.

Many of Leka's followers recognized him as their king in exile though he never was able to return to Albania as its king once his father, King Zog, was forced to permanently flee Albania in 1939 because fascists under Mussolini invaded.


With anti-Communist exiled King (Prince) Leka of Albania in Canada (before the fall of Communism in Albania, the Kosovo Revolution, and the creation of the new country of Kosovo).

King Leka understood the importance of ethnic Albanian unity without preaching the overthrow of United Nations-recognized foreign governments when visiting the United States. On the other hand, as an American citizen with government contacts, I was able to tap the resources of the Kosovo-Muslim community in the United States and encouraged them to cooperate with Christians to jointly adopt an openly pro-American and anti-terrorism policy which included cooperating with the FBI and Congress. I worked behind the scenes to help organize and support the movement to create a free and independent state within the former "Yugoslavia". This predominately ethnic state eventually became the pro-American country (sovereign state) of Kosovo, officially recognized by UN members in 2008.

Not many Americans are aware that the Muslim majority in Kosovo had the support of Muslim Americans who cooperated and helped the U.S. government and NATO in the creation of Kosovo. I would visit these groups in New York, Boston, Detroit, Washington, Chicago, Aurora, and Canada.

In the forthcoming autobiography, I write about this little known movement of pro-American and patriotic Muslims in the United States who supported the overthrow of the Communists in Albania, the separation of Kosovo from Yugoslavia, and the creation of a much larger ethnic Albanian state with close ties to the West and the United States.








With anti-Communist and Pro-Kosovo Immigrants in New York City in 1977.

Documents were presented at the United Nations by an organized united front of Albanian Muslim and Christian demonstrators working together to verify extensive human rights violations by both the Communist regime in Albania and the government of Yugoslavia which was targeting Albanians in its administrative district of Kosovo in the Republic of Serbia.

Kosovo, which is populated predominately by ethnic Muslim-Albanians, eventually was recognized by U.N. member states in 2008 as an independent state (country), but only after Kosovo was liberated and occupied by NATO forces following an extensive bombing campaign against Serbian forces in "Yugoslavia". This occurred during the Clinton administration with one objective being to prevent another round of "ethnic cleansing" that was being orchestrated by Yugoslav government leaders who would later be charged with (or were known to have participated in) genocide and "war crimes".


Yugoslav Government's Human Rights Violations in Kosovo Exposed

A delegation of Americans (right) meet with Senator Bob Dole of Kansas in his office on Capitol Hill and hand him the "Repishti Package" -- a devastating thorough compilation of well-documented first hand human rights violations against ethnic Albanians in Kosovo prepared by Professor Sami Repishti of New York. The documentation clearly showed that the Yugoslav leadership in Belgrade, in spite of their denials, was orchestrating massive human rights violations, including ethnic cleansing campaigns, against ethnic Albanians.

Senator Dole placed his office at the disposal of the American delegation throughout the entire day (photos exist) and had his Ukranian human rights expert, Dr. Myron Karupas (phonetic spelling) and other staff members take copious notes as they were briefed on what was happening to the predominately Muslim population of ethnic Albanians inside the administrative district of Kosovo of the Serbian Republic of Yugoslavia.

It was Senator Bob Dole, the most knowledgeable U.S. senator on the Kosovo situation, who would later brief President Clinton and key members of his administration before NATO forces initiated an extensive bombing campaign against Serbian forces in Yugoslavia that eventually led to the liberation of Kosovo.

The beginning of the Kosovo Movement on Capitol Hill in the 1970s --  "American Style"

Xhevat, Father Arthur, Senator Bob Dole (second from right) and Seladin -- get background, biographies, etc. of participants in these meetings.



Peter N. James


The internet did not publicly exist when I was first approached by the CIA, nor during most of the Cold War. The possibility of doing something to successfully combat terrorism and getting politicians to act in the public's best interests rather than their own exists TODAY thanks to the Internet. I'll be testing and introducing some new ideas on this web site as well as soliciting feedback by temporarily returning to the speakers' circuit. I plan to use those findings in the last chapter or epilogue of the book.
Peter N. James -- 2 October 2014


The Television and Entertainment Industries Are Endangering
U. S. National Security Interests

Secret - No Foreign Dissemination

More -- Click Here

(U) "By withholding from the American people what the Executive Branch knows today about ISIS, Middle East terrorists, and how our television and entertainment industries are jeopardizing U.S. national security interests, it is projected that terrorism will again strike an unprepared America using "out-of-the-box" tactics that could easily dwarf the number of deaths caused by the "911" attacks of 2001.  Disclosures about ISIS, America's unsecured South border, and terrorism via biological warfare can be made to the American people without jeopardizing intelligence sources and methods. The war against terrorism must involve all Americans and not just a handful of competent or incompetent federal officials. The U.S. intelligence community position to the White House and Congress is that domestic politics must take a back seat to protecting the national security of the United States and the safety of all Americans."
Peter N. James

(First posted on this site on 1 October 2014)



An American Commentary
by Peter N. James

"Not every company shown above has defined its position on the NFL-DOMESTIC VIOLENCE issue. Perhaps they suspected what the findings would be from an NBC-Marist poll: It reportedly showed that the domestic abuse issue involving NFL players had little effect on the television viewing habits of NFL fans. In a Sept. 19th press conference covered by the television networks, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell accepted blame for the NFL fiasco and indicated that NFL-DOMESTIC VIOLENCE issues would be dealt with before the 2015 NFL Super Bowl game.

"The reality is that television networks and sponsors have been playing with a “stacked deck” that was set up long ago to protect their “bottom lines”. With billions of dollars at stake, they already have there own public relations people working 24/7 on minimizing the damage caused by the disclosure that NFL players committed DOMESTIC VIOLENCE against women and children. Perhaps it's time to "level the playing field" and FINALLY deal with the fact that millions of women are being battered and millions of children are being abused and millions of Americans just don't care. In fact, when reputable organizations report that approximately one quarter of the women in America have been victims of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to conclude that perhaps the millions of Americans who just don't care include those "Macho Men" who have been battering women and abusing children without having to pay the consequences.

"Much like flip-flopping politicians who value their jobs more than most issues, the NFL and their television sponsors are similarly worried about taking care of their own interests first. However, the NFL's DOMESTIC VIOLENCE issue has now opened a can of worms that will ultimately involve the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Congress, and the American people using the Social Media. The issue at stake is whether the best interests of all Americans will be protected or whether "the big fish" will be allowed to continue eating "the little fish"  (i.e., Will the "First Among Equals" be held accountable for their actions by an American public that is finally fed up with the hypocrisy conveyed by the NFL, the Television Industry, and NFL sponsors?)"

(First posted on this site in September 2014)

Intelligence Assessment
The Mexican - U.S. Border, Terrorism and "EBOLA"

Secret – No Foreign Dissemination

(U) It is disingenuous for the White House, Executive Branch officials, and members of Congress to assure the American people that they are safe from an EBOLA outbreak inside the United States when it is known that this is NOT true.

(U) Attempting to avoid a panic among the U.S. population is understandable, especially before the Mid-Term congressional elections. However, it will not prevent the American people from finding out what the Intelligence Community already knows: the White House and Congress approved conditions and policies that presently allow terrorists to easily introduce the EBOLA and other biological viruses into the United States.

(U) The television media has already conditioned the American people on what to expect from the U.S. government when a single self-identified “EBOLA Victim” arrives in the United States from Liberia.  The following assessments, known inside the U.S. Intelligence Community, should be clearly and publicly stated to the American people ASAP.

(1)               (U) It can be expected that one, ten, or more unidentified suicide self-contaminated “EBOLA TERRORISTS” will walk across the unprotected Mexican - U.S. border with the objective of contaminating millions of Americans and creating catastrophic medical and economic conditions that will require the suspension of civil liberties and the creation of an American police state.

(2)               (U) Terrorists will attempt to force the White House to declare a “State of Emergency” throughout the United States. The suspension of American civil liberties due to terrorism will include restrictions on travel, loss of movement within one’s neighborhood, limited or no cell phone-internet service, limited financial and banking services, and the use of troops, tanks, and other military vehicles (nationalizing the “National Guard”) to protect America – all at the discretion of the Executive Branch of government.

(3)               (U) For political rather than national security reasons, the White House and Congress have yet to approve the construction of a security fence and wall along the entire Mexican - U.S. border to control who enters the United States. This must be approved and commenced immediately: The cost of building such a “national security wall” along the U.S. South border is but a fraction of the trillions of dollars that would be spent (if available) to recover from a successful catastrophic terrorist EBOLA-type attack.


Secret – No Foreign Dissemination

(First posted on this site on Friday 3 October 2014 to serve a legitimate national security purpose)

Secret - No Foreign Dissemination
This Page is Unclassified

The Kurds, ISIS, and U.S. National Security Interests

(U) The ethnic Kurds, with a population that dwarfs the pro-American predominately Muslim Albanians of Kosovo in the Balkans, have been fighting to create their own independent ethnic Kurdish state located on both sides of the Iraqi, Syrian, and Turkish borders. The pro-American Kurdish forces are already in place in this region and can help the United States defeat ISIS terrorists if armed immediately and effectively.

(U) The creation of an ethnic Kurdish state by the Kurds is more important to their fighters than any political arguments made by any Western leaders or religious arguments made by Christians and Muslims anywhere in the world.

(U) Much like the pro-American predominately Muslim population in Kosovo and Albania, where it was known internally well before the NATO bombing campaign in Serbia, that “the religion of the Albanian is Albanianism”, it can be argued that the “religion of the Kurds is Kurdism” – the creation of their own ethnic Kurdish state.

(U) It serves U.S. national security interests to support the Kurds along the Iraqi, Syrian, and Turkish borders with arms and a NATO-style bombing campaign directed against all ISIS assets.

(U) The Turkish government -- a long-standing NATO member -- will not support any substantial effort to militarily assist the Kurds along their border. The Turkish government's interests do not supersede U.S. National Security interests.

(U) It serves U.S. national security interests to replace ISIS terrorists alongside the Iraqi, Syria, and Turkish borders with a pro-American Kurdish ethnic state, much like it has benefited the West by being allied with a pro-American predominately Muslim population by the governments of Kosovo and Albania.

(U) The creation of another pro-West ethnic state made up of a predominately Muslim population will send “shock waves” to terrorists who to date have effectively exploited religious differences among civilians and an ineffective U.S. anti-terrorism policy in the Middle East.

Secret – No Foreign Dissemination
This Page is Unclassified

The above preliminary public release was made on 17 October 2014 for legitimate national security reasons



Notes to a future editor: The Peter N. James press release on this web site accurately describes my background. Anyone familiar with newsrooms knows that in many cases the news reporter who files a story sometimes has enormous time constraints and usually has no control over the headline selected by his or her editor. For example, I was employed by a defense contractor when simultaneously spying for the CIA and analyzing intelligence for the Air Force. Therefore, even though I was sometimes referred to in the press as a "CIA spy", technically speaking, I was never employed by the CIA though I spied overseas at the specific request of the chief of the CIA field office in Miami (well documented). This is well spelled out in the manuscript.

In federal court, the CIA chief best explained the Agency's position: "Everything that Peter N. James did overseas for the CIA on behalf of the United States government was for patriotic reasons at his own expense" (paraphrased). That not only let the CIA off the hook, but it verified that everything that I personally did for the CIA, including preparing hundreds and hundreds of pages of raw intelligence reports, did not belong to the U.S. government. In essence, I could not be censored and I did not sign a secrecy oath or non-disclosure form -- something that the U.S. government does routinely today to "closet" politically embarrassing information like "Benghazi"  under the guise of protecting "national security".

Much like the television series "Mission Impossible", the U.S. government via the CIA had the best of both worlds when dealing with me: I provided highly accurate information about Soviet secret missile, space, and defense programs, including a great deal of information on its intelligence, political, scientific and engineering personnel (this too is well documented), but if anything went wrong when I was dealing with America's adversaries overseas, the U.S. government could disavow any knowledge of my actions.

Yes, I spied for the CIA, but in reality, I operated as an independent maverick, an American rocket engineer with a physics and systems analysis background who knew what to look for, what had to be done, understood the risks, and did what I could to help protect the national security interests of the United States, even when it meant getting the job done at the cost of my career with an aerospace contractor and "corporate America".


In my upcoming autobiography, I go behind the scenes and briefly show how DURING THE 1960s I documented for the U.S. intelligence community the secret details, plans, and timetable of the Soviet Man on the Moon program before Neil Armstrong of the Apollo 11 mission walked on the Moon. Yes, a very real and exciting secret moon race between the United States and the Soviet Union existed, and the Soviet Union lost. This story is worth telling, including how top Russian intelligence officers during 1967-1969 accidentally and emotionally let the "kitty out of the bag" regarding the planned launch of their own moon rocket before the Apollo 11 mission. This confirmation also occurred as late as May 1969 in Venice, Italy during a reception, several months before our own launch of Apollo 11. Their vehicle blew up on the launch pad after this disclosure and just before our own launch. One of their top scientists also confirmed to me in Argentina later that year that there was a moon race and they  lost. The Russians were able to keep details of their own man on the moon program secret for almost two decades.

I also go behind the scenes to show what happened when I became the first U.S. intelligence analyst to document in an 800-page secret intelligence assessment the fact that Russian land-based ICBM launch silos were reusable. This fact made the Nixon administration uneasy because the SALT I Treaty that was later signed between President Nixon and General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev placed a limit on the number of land based launch SILOS, NOT THE NUMBER OF LAND BASED MISSILES. The Nixon team conveniently misled Congress and the American public about this known Soviet capability during an election year -- his re-election. Since American land-based launch silos were NOT reusable, most Americans believed that the Treaty limited both countries to the same number of land based ICBMs, which was not the case; both countries were limited to the number of "holes in the ground" (launch silos), but the Russians had the capability to "reload" those holes in the ground. This was a disturbing revelation that they "buried" in Washington because it indicated that while the Nixon administration was working on an accommodation with the Soviet Union that would eventually be known as "Detente", Soviet military planners, whether they believed it or not, had given the Russians a "first strike" capability (i.e., you won't have the opportunity to use your launch site more than once if you are targeted first, but you "might" be able to reload your launch silo if you launch first). In other words, the Executive Office of the President knew of this Soviet reusable launch silos issue, but never disclosed this to the American people and Congress when President Nixon signed the SALT ITreaty.

In that same 800-page secret report, I described the Soviet secret space shuttle program and its status at that time, including schematics of one of their designs which historians revealed some two decades later when they got access to declassified Soviet secret documents. Space historians didn't know that the Soviet space shuttle designs that they released were documented in both the 800-page secret report (1970) that I authored and my book, "Soviet Conquest From Space" (1974). The 800-page secret report was the first to document the existence of a Soviet space shuttle program (acknowledged by Defense Department officials in memoranda upon receiving the report). The Soviet space shuttle flew once, but was cancelled due to economic reasons as the Soviet empire collapsed.

The U.S. intelligence community is made up of predominantly honest, red-blooded, pro-USA, analysts and spies, but it continues to be at the mercy of a small number of powerful and unscrupulous individuals who are willing to place their own needs and careers above that of the national security interests of the United States. All of this "nonsense" can be EASILY prevented.


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Preliminary background notes to editor: Make sure that each page of the published autobiography achieves the objective of informing and creating a questioning environment without promoting self  (vanity, ego, etc).  Review the final draft with that in mind because as expected, I'm writing it in the first person. Use as a guide the reply to RPI students when they asked how I would like to be remembered: "To remember me is to forget me (but not the ideas presented)." Make sure that the ideas presented and the "final product" can be positively used by young people as they develop. The objective is to produce a very useful autobiography that can withstand the test of time, reinforcing truth and God's commandments. I'm not worried about appealing to select groups. However, it is important that I present Christian values throughout the book even when writing about disappointments and negative personal flaws that almost cost me my life. Fortunately, God was always there to create circumstances to protect me from harm in spite of my own ego. This will become apparent when you read the draft. Be sure to use better focused photos in the book and credit sources from original documentation when known.

Also, there are many fundamental TIMELESS issues that I raised during the Cold War that apply today. Because this is a very personal story, one of its main objectives is to capture the America that I grew up in following WWII. It was a lot different than today's America, and I regret that today's generation has no idea how great it was to grow up actually believing and knowing that the sky was the limit if you lived in America. Unless young Americans are taught to think for themselves using fundamental principles that our country was founded on, corrupt and self serving politicians and government officials will continue to create self-made diversionary new problems" (i.e., a daily diet of "breaking news") aimed in part at keeping the public's eyes "off the ball". 


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