NFL Sponsors, Domestic Violence, and Television Networks (Domain Name For Sale)
Holding Sponsors Accountable by Adopting a Winning Strategy that Works
The Comments Below Covered Serious NFL Issues BEFORE the "Kneelers" Took Over News Headlines

Interesting History: According to the web site of the NFL Players Association on 19 September 2014, the companies shown below are "official" NFL sponsors.

Campbell Soup Company
Dairy Management, Inc.
Extreme Networks
General Motors

Mars Snackfood

Kinect for XBOX 360
Windows 8

National Guard* (promo partner only)
News America
Papa John’s

Procter & Gamble
Head & Shoulders
Old Spice

SAP Americas

An American Commentary
by Peter N. James

On July 29th 2015, The New England Patriots Organization challenged the NFL on its suspension of quarterback Tom Brady for 4-games. This issue has far reaching implications beyond Tom Brady: All it takes is for one Pulitzer Prize reporter to take time to really look at the “success” of the New England Patriots during the past few years (not just in a game leading up to last year’s Super Bowl) and they will likely uncover a pattern of deceit, cheating, lying, and misrepresentations that parallel the conduct of today’s “what’s in it for me” politicians that are ruining America. Blaming Tom Brady alone for the New England Patriots scandal is equivalent to blaming President Obama alone for the failures in domestic and foreign policies. And, for those Americans, Christians, and Win-At-Any-Cost National Football League fans, why do you think that for the LAST FEW YEARS Tom Brady and the New England Patriots changed their play calling to achieve the MOST HIGH COMPLETION PERCENTAGE short passes AND running plays WITH AMONG THE FEWEST FUMBLES IN THE LEAGUE? Try CHEATING by using an under-inflated football for several seasons without the knowledge of the NFL and opponents. It turns out that soft footballs are easier to hang on to when tackled (fewer fumbles) and easier to accurately throw short passes with – something that the New England Patriots ORGANIZATION has always known. This is a “winning” formula unworthy of America, including those very special gamblers in Las Vegas that did quite well betting on the Patriots. Anyone that calls themselves an American, Christian, or an NFL football fan that believes in protecting the integrity of the game (and our nation) had better face reality.

It’s not just about Tom Brady, who has shown in 2021 that he is a winner even when quarterbacking a new team like Tampa Bay Bucs.

Besides the "DeflateGate Scandal", not every company shown above has defined its position on the NFL-DOMESTIC VIOLENCE issue. Perhaps they suspected what the findings would be from an NBC-Marist poll: It reportedly showed that the domestic abuse issue involving NFL players had little effect on the television viewing habits of NFL fans. In a Sept. 19th press conference covered by the television networks, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell accepted blame for the NFL fiasco and indicated that NFL-DOMESTIC VIOLENCE issues would be dealt with before the 2015 NFL Super Bowl game.

The reality is that television networks and sponsors have been playing with a “stacked deck” that was set up long ago to protect their “bottom lines”. With billions of dollars at stake, they already have there own public relations people working 24/7 on minimizing the damage caused by the disclosure that NFL players committed DOMESTIC VIOLENCE against women and children. Perhaps it's time to "level the playing field" and FINALLY deal with the fact that millions of women are being battered and millions of children are being abused and millions of Americans just don't care. In fact, when reputable organizations report that approximately one quarter of the women in America have been victims of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to conclude that perhaps the millions of Americans who just don't care include those "Macho Men" who have been battering women and abusing children without having to pay the consequences.

Much like flip-flopping politicians who value their jobs more than most issues, the NFL and their television sponsors are similarly worried about taking care of their own interests first. However, the NFL's DOMESTIC VIOLENCE issue has now opened a can of worms that will ultimately involve the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Congress, and the American people using the Social Media. The issue at stake is whether the best interests of all Americans will be protected or whether "the big fish" will be allowed to continue eating "the little fish"  (i.e., Will the "First Among Equals" be held accountable for their actions by an American public that is finally fed up with the hypocrisy conveyed by the NFL, the Television Industry, and NFL sponsors?)

Holding Sponsors of NFL Games Accountable Using the Internet and Social Media
This is the Looming Nightmare for the "First Among Equals"
The FCC and Congress Have a Role
A Preliminary Proposal

The FCC should cooperate with Congress to help pass a law that would immediately require television sponsors to provide a visual web site address on ALL of their national television advertisements. And, if they advertise on television, they must show on their web site an easy to reach email contact that is not buried within their web site. This would even allow consumers to hold sponsors accountable for misrepresentations of their own products. Had this been in place when the NFL DOMESTIC ABUSE scandal first broke open, you can bet that NFL sponsors would have heard from the public and the NFL would have heard from their sponsors.

There is a world of difference between NFL sponsors receiving millions of complaints in a short period of time versus receiving a handful of complaints. Only a small percentage of Americans will take the time to research an NFL sponsor’s web site address on Google and then search for a specific very-hard-to-find contact person on what is very often a hard to find web page buried within their site. NFL sponsors know this and they welcome being shielded from the public by the very television  networks that are also protecting their own "bottom lines".

Credible and “Above Board” national sponsors are not afraid to allow consumers to reach them immediately. In fact, wise sponsors already post their web site addresses on their televised advertisements because they know that they can increase the size of their own customer base by simply doing the right thing.

Until sponsors are required to post web site addresses on nationally televised commercials, it would be worthwhile for an enterprising high school or college student to research and post on their web site the best and most productive official e-mail addresses of the appropriate people responsible for dealing with complaints, praises, and/or questions for the above NFL sponsors. 

Dick Morris posted years ago a worthwhile recent initiative covering the efforts by a member of Congress dealing with the NFL and DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.
Visit .

 This preliminary web page (NFL Sponsors, Domestic Violence, and Television Networks) was first created on 19 September 2014.
If you agree with the general thrust of this preliminary proposal and our objectives, please copy this page's internet address and pass it on to your friends, anti-domestic violence organizations, your local television outlets, and especially to your Congressperson in the House of Representatives and two U.S. Senators. The link to this page is:
This proposal is only the beginning, but it's time to begin the process to "level the playing field".

Permission to reprint the above is granted and we encourage Americans to help in their own way to end DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and CHILD ABUSE worldwide.


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