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Peter N. James is PRIVATELY Focused on National Security Issues
He is Unavailable for Public Speaking Appearances

Look for Peter's forthcoming autobiography in 2019


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When it was not popular to do so (well before "911"), Peter warned that terrorists would strike inside an unprepared United States and the White House's policy of cozying up to President Assad of Syria would backfire.  


Peter N. James is PRIVATELY Focused on National Security Issues and is Unavailable for Public Speaking Appearances
Look for Peter's forthcoming autobiography in 2019

The American

Peter could not be censored by the U.S. government. As is shown above, during the Cold War he was known for the question and answer period following his presentations, positively stimulating both liberals and conservatives. As a principled ex-spy who loves his privacy, individual freedom, liberty, and the truth, Peter was quite pleased with the election of Trump in 2016.

A physics graduate from Case Institute of Technology in Cleveland, Ohio. Peter is shown below during the George W. Bush era in the Excelsior Hotel lounge near the U.S. embassy on the Via Veneto in Roma, Italy. During the Cold War, as a young aerospace and rocket engineer with the Pratt & Whitney Aircraft (PWA), Florida Research and Development Center (FRDC), a division of United Technologies in West Palm Beach, Peter coordinated the firm’s foreign technology program with the United States Air Force while also collecting intelligence overseas for the CIA.

Peter, who was known as "The American" by foreign adversaries, had the "perfect cover": He played himself.  For legitimate security reasons, U.S. government "Spooks" and "Analysts" who are employed and paid by our government are kept separated: Spies operating overseas are not told what happens to the intelligence that they collect and intelligence analysts in the United States are not allowed to have personal contact with the spies who collected the information, nor the people named in the intelligence reports, that they are required to analyze. Peter did both: As "The American",  he knew what to look for, what to do, and instructed the U.S. intelligence community to avoid contacting him overseas so he could operate without being compromised.

A Private and Public Track Record

An 800-page SECRET report that Peter authored during the Cold War, which was requested by the Executive Office of the President, received high marks throughout U.S. government classified circles; it was the first to document major Soviet rocket and missile developments that were previously unknown by the U.S. government.

Two of Peter's most popular public speaking programs during the Reagan-Bush Years that attracted liberal and conservative audiences were "The Embryo of an American Police State" and "International Espionage and Terrorism". Both timeless speaking programs not only accurately predicted future events as documented by press coverage at that time, but almost half of Peter's programs lasted past midnight with a mix of liberal and conservative audiences respectfully participating in lively question and answer sessions with no questions or answers being "off limits".

Peter's speaking programs could not be legally censored because he never signed a secrecy oath with the clandestine services of the U.S. government even though as a globe-hopping, independent maverick he had developed a close working relationship and assisted upon numerous requests Justin F. Gleichauf, the late chief of the CIA field office in Miami. Peter's intelligence reports to the CIA following his encounters overseas with our country's adversaries often numbered hundreds of pages and broke new ground in the field known as "Human Intelligence" (HUMINT).

How It All Began -- "The Whistleblower"
As a Young Man During the "Nixon Era", Peter Gave Up a Career in "Corporate America" to Expose Publicly Very Serious Abuses of Power by the U.S. Government

When an aerospace corporation dependent on U.S. government military contracts refused to "blow the whistle" on Air Force questionable activities, they never believed that a young rocket engineer with a bright future and educated in one of the best colleges in our country during the "Cold War" would willingly and permanently sacrifice a career with "corporate America" to publicly expose
 U.S. government abuses of power


Comments by Space Historian Peter Pesavento April 12, 2004 (after accessing Soviet declassified documents prior to the release of
"The Moon Race 'End Game", co-authored by Pesavento and Charles P. Vick, published  by Quest: the History of Spaceflight Quarterly):
“--the first-time publication of information that shows that long-denigrated aerospace engineer Peter N. James actually was reporting accurately about the USSR's manned lunar intentions in his volume Soviet Conquest from Space, issued in 1974. Furthermore, there are revelations directly from James that the intelligence reports he had generated during the late 1960s were directly requested and accessed by the Executive Office of the President, and that this information by-passed the usual vetting process at CIA and the USAF's Foreign Technology Division due to its great import.”

Peter N. James is PRIVATELY Focused on National Security Issues and is Unavailable for Public Speaking Appearances
Look for Peter's forthcoming autobiography in 2019

The mosaic below is representative of the coverage Peter received when on speaking tours throughout the United States and Canada. He loves being a private person, but gave up some of that privacy to inform Americans of national security issues that endanger the survival of our country and the privacy that all Americans currently enjoy.







Well before the collapse of the Soviet Union, which caught the U. S. Government by surprise, Peter's audiences were advised during both terms of the Reagan presidency that the Soviet Union could be brought to its knees, not by nuclear weapons and missiles, but by an economically superior United States.


He showed audiences that the Soviet Union was about to destroy itself economically and it was not necessary for the United States to follow suit (our own economic destruction) by continuing a senseless and wasteful arms race when both sides already had enough weapons to destroy the entire world. This was a "no-brainer" never understood by some members of the U.S. intelligence community and our military-industrial complex.


The timeless lesson that I have learned is that when unscrupulous U.S. government officials are allowed to operate in secret with little oversight, they will knowingly break the law and if necessary attempt to intimidate individuals and American institutions to keep from being exposed, having little appreciation of the law or sacrifices made by so many to protect the freedoms we currently enjoy. How weak and impotent they become in a free American society when the press, media, and other branches of our government begin investigating their activities as permitted by law. Like Ben Franklin once said when asked what kind of government our nation's founders had created, he replied, "A republic if you can keep it."










BELOW: With anti-Communist exiled King (Prince) Leka of Albania in Canada (before the fall of Communism in Albania, the Kosovo Revolution, and the creation of the new country of Kosovo).

Leka's father was King Zog of Albania before the Communists took over Albania after World War II.

Peter was one of the first Americans to tap the resources of the Kosovo Muslim community in the United States to adopt an openly pro-American and anti-terrorism policy which included cooperating with the FBI and Congress. Peter worked behind the scenes to help organize and support the movement to create a free and independent state within the former "Yugoslavia". This predominately ethnic state eventually became the pro-American country (sovereign state) of Kosovo, officially recognized by UN members in 2008.

Not many Americans are aware that the Muslim majority in Kosovo had the support of Muslim Americans who cooperated and helped the U.S. government and NATO in the creation of Kosovo. Peter would visit these groups in New York, Boston, Detroit, Chicago, Aurora, and Canada. In his forthcoming autobiography, Peter writes about this little known movement of pro-American and patriotic Muslims in the United States who supported the overthrow of the Communists in Albania, the separation of Kosovo from Yugoslavia, and the creation of a much larger ethnic Albanian state with close ties to the West and the United States.



With "Commander Zero" (Commandante Eden Pastora) of the Nicaraguan Revolution when he terminated his "Southern Front" counter-revolution and military rebel campaign opposing Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega. Pastora accepted instead President Oscar Arias' offer to live in Costa Rica as a prelude to the Arias Central American Peace Plan. Pastora agreed that he and his revolutionaries would stop using Costa Rica as a base for launching attacks against Nicaragua.

With Commadante Eden Pastora (Commander Zero of the Nicaraguan Revolution) in Costa Rica following the release of the U.S. congressional report investigating the Iran-Contra Affair (arms for hostages deal) under the Reagan Administration.

Congress turned down Pastora's request to testify during the Iran-Contra Hearings, a message communicated to Peter during Lt. Col Oliver North's testimony. Peter hand-delivered the full report to Pastora along with evidence that "the Commandante" was willing to cooperate with the U.S. investigation, but his offer was turned down.

Pastora would later unsuccessfully run for president of Nicaragua, but had little support and was easily defeated by Daniel Ortega.

For "historian buffs", Pastora was head of the revolutionary rebels that stormed the Nicaraguan National Palace of then American-backed dictator Anastasio Somoza. By holding members of the Nicaraguan Congress hostage, Pastora successfully obtained the release of imprisoned anti-Somoza rebels. This was a major event that helped Pastora and the Sandanistas launch the Nicaraguan Revolution that eventually toppled Somoza. Pastora would later turn against Daniel Ortega and launch a counter-revolution using Costa Rica as his base of operations while the United States supported other Contras along Nicaragua's northern border.








History Has a Way of Dealing With the Truth

In the beginning, there were many attempts to discredit both Peter N. James and his 1974-1975 books "Soviet Conquest From Space" and "The Air Force Mafia" by "experts" in and out of the U.S. government. The threats and harassments ended when he launched his speaking tours, essentially briefing the public on matters that self-serving government officials wanted hidden from the American people. The release of secret documents that were declassified both in the Soviet Union (Russia) and the U.S. decades after his books were published also verified that Peter was accurate with his intelligence assessments. His opponents at that time had their own reasons for attempting to discredit him, but history always has a way of dealing with the truth no matter how long it takes.

Peter of USA
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“True liberty is the ability earned by practice to do the right thing.”
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Peter N. James is PRIVATELY Focused on National Security Issues and is Unavailable for Public Speaking Appearances
Look for Peter's forthcoming autobiography in 2019