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The CEOs of Social Media have control of web traffic to their own sites with the help of cooperating Search Engines. Our assessment is that Global Elites will attempt to defeat President Trump, who is expected to seek reelection in 2020. The press, TV networks like CNN and NBC (also known as #FakeNews), and the Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, et. al., learned from the mistakes they made, even though they failed to hide Hillary Clinton's incompetence from the public. They can be expected to correct their mistakes, again with the help of globalists. President Trump already knows exactly what he is dealing with as demonstrated by his comment below:

"Crooked Hillary Clinton spent hundreds of millions of dollars more on Presidential Election than I did. Facebook was on her side, not mine!"
PRES. TRUMP TWEET 21 October 2017

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On 14 May 2015, Gabriel Sherman, National Affairs Editor of New York Magazine, indicated on CBS This Morning that Facebook's new partnership with the New York Times, NBC, and other news-media outlets could change the Internet by "conditioning readers to live inside Facebook". If Sherman's assessment is only partially correct, it could in fact change where Americans get their information in the future (i.e., various sources on the Internet or mainly on Facebook.) To protect the free enterprise system and its compliance with U.S. antitrust laws, it would appear that Facebook, cooperating press-media outlets, and the American public have a responsibility to keep lines of communication open. This includes full transparency and disclosures, such as relationships with current and future candidates for political office, funding, potential conflicts of interest and compliance with FCC regulations, if applicable. Gabriel Sherman has done a great service by calling Facebook's recent new partnerships to the attention of the American people. The domain name is for sale; in the right hands, it can be a very positive tool to protect free speech and keep a lot of "good or bad guys" honest, including making full disclosures when promoting an agenda.

Gabriel Sherman or Facebook officers or its employees are NOT involved with this web site.

Note: In Feb. 2016, France raised more privacy issues that involve FaceBook (Google "France Facebook")

*This independent web page and site are NOT affiliated with Facebook, a registered trademark. The domain name ( allows Americans the opportunity and right to respectfully and freely express their views as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.
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Help Reelect President Trump in 2020
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 This is part of the Protect the United States project. If the national press and media choose not to fulfill their constitutional responsibility to protect the public's right to know when "government" and/or its "representatives" abuse their power, our constitution allows Americans to legally express themselves  (freedom of speech) by either boycotting or praising the very advertisers and sponsors that financially support the press and media. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on one's point of view) "money talks". Just as the national press and media have the right to expose or ignore abuses of government power, the American public has the right to support or boycott the sponsors that help support financially the national press and media.