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An American Commentary
by Peter N. James

On July 29th 2015, The New England Patriots Organization challenged the NFL on its suspension of quarterback Tom Brady for 4-games. This issue has far reaching implications beyond Tom Brady: All it takes is for one Pulitzer Prize reporter to take time to really look at the “success” of the New England Patriots during the past few years (not just in a game leading up to last year’s Super Bowl) and they will likely uncover a pattern of deceit, cheating, lying, and misrepresentations that parallel the conduct of today’s “what’s in it for me” politicians that are ruining America. Blaming Tom Brady alone for the New England Patriots scandal is equivalent to blaming President Obama alone for the failures in domestic and foreign policies.

And, for those Americans, Christians, and Win-At-Any-Cost National Football League fans, why do you think that for the LAST FEW YEARS Tom Brady and the New England Patriots changed their play calling to achieve both the HIGHEST SHORT PASSES COMPLETION PERCENTAGE and number of running plays having AMONG THE FEWEST FUMBLES IN THE LEAGUE? Try CHEATING by using an under-inflated football for several seasons without the knowledge of the NFL and opponents. It turns out that soft footballs are easier to hang on to when tackled (fewer fumbles) and easier to complete short passes -– something that the New England Patriots ORGANIZATION has always known. This, however, is a “winning” formula unworthy of America, including those very special gamblers in Las Vegas that did quite well betting on the Patriots. Anyone that calls themselves an American, Christian, or a NFL football fan that believes in protecting the integrity of the game (and our nation) had better face reality. It’s not just about Tom Brady.(Posted on 29 July 2015),,,,,,,,, and ALL BELOW
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